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The therapy is based on acupuncture and is successfully applied in cases of Parkinson’s and other diseases.
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In the Medical Treatment for Alzheimer’s, impressive results are obtained on most of the symptoms.
tratamiento aguja permanente


Permanent needle acupuncture is a treatment that helps patients with a natural treatment.

Neuro-regenerative Medical Center

At the Neuro-regenerative Medicine Center , We improve the life quality of our people with Parkinson through our treatment, based on the implantation of small titanium needles in the ear cartilage.

Our patients show an improvement by reducing the symptoms progressively as well as their medication.


We treat each one of our patients individually, each person evaluated individually and treated according to their ailment.


That we have more than a decade of experience in treating patients in the same situation as you, is the best guarantee for a successful treatment of your disease.


We put ourselves in the place of each patient and carry out a personalised treatment to improve their life quality..

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  • "Parkinson's had robbed me of the ability to fabulate”

    José Aníbal (65 years old). Spain
  • "I came to think about taking my life, but my life has changed”

    Yolanda (69 years old). Colombia
  • "Watching the testimonial videos of treated patients seemed miraculous"

    María Guadalupe (69 years old). Mexico
  • "My pains disappeared as if it was magic"

    Francisco (55 years old). Colombia
  • "I felt the need to reduce my medication"

    Zoila Luz del Mar. Peru
  • "I feel much better than I was"

    Ernesto (82 years old). Colombia
  • "I am a new woman, full of vitality and energy"

    Ingeborg (84 years old). Germany
  • "My problems to eat food disappeared completely after implanting the needles"

    Enrique (65 years old). Mexico
  • "I have felt a general improvement and specially when it comes to walking"

    Gladis (73 years old). Spain
  • "In addition to restoring my well-being, I have reduced my medication and I have regained my optimism"

    Manuel (60 years old). Spain
  • "The implants have made me feel good about myself, improving my facial expression and being able to reduce the medication little by little"

    Irene (77 years old). Germany
  • "Four days after implanting the needles in my ears, I got out of bed and could move without help"

    Gisela (44 years old). Germany
  • "It was amazing how I regained mobility after the treatment"

    Anja. Germany
  • "I am excited about my new life, which I have recovered again"

    Karola. Germany

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