Alternative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

This Alternative Treatment for Alzheimer’s is a hope for those affected

When short memory fails and the ability to remember decreases, we then realise that we need a treatment for Alzheimer’s, possibly we are facing a case of Alzheimer’s disease.

With the arrival of the diagnosis, a long path of suffering begins, both for those affected and for their families.

At the same time, Alzheimer’s remains a disease without a cure. With this, the disease is a sword of Damocles for our society. The treatment for Alzheimer’s is one of the great concerns of our Era.

One of the first signs is the inability to remember. Many things have been “lost” in our memory and people who suffer from Alzheimer´s do not remember the names, places, dates or other important events despite their efforts.

This first phase, which is called subjective cognitive disorder, takes the patient to a first alarm signal that, sometimes, hides this to his doctor for a kind of fear to admit this loss of cognitive faculties.

After the pharmaceutical industry has spent 100 million euros in the search for a medication that serves as a cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s, we are facing a new approach based on the development of acupuncture, more specifically, regenerative auriculotherapy such and as posed by Dr. Werth.

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Success of permanent acupuncture in the treatment for Alzheimer’s

After successfully treating Alzheimer’s patients with cognitive deficiencies, Dr. Werth achieved reversible dementia in many of these patients with advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Werth founder of the Center for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine, defends the thesis that this same result can be achieved in most Alzheimer’s patients. In the some cases in which this treatment for Alzheimer’s would not be possible, it is in the case of patients who are in the advanced stages of the disease.

The impediments in the treatment for Alzheimer’s would be circulation problems, too advanced dementia or other serious brain diseases.

Under the term dementia of pure Alzheimer’s, Dr. Werth understands a dementia in which only the short-term memory is affected and the «hippocampus» of the brain has fewer neurons, because that is where more cells die.

alternative treatment for Alzheimer


  • "Parkinson's had robbed me of the ability to fabulate”

    José Aníbal (65 years old). Spain
  • "I came to think about taking my life, but my life has changed”

    Yolanda (69 years old). Colombia
  • "Watching the testimonial videos of treated patients seemed miraculous"

    María Guadalupe (69 years old). Mexico
  • "My pains disappeared as if it was magic"

    Francisco (55 years old). Colombia
  • "I felt the need to reduce my medication"

    Zoila Luz del Mar. Peru
  • "I feel much better than I was"

    Ernesto (82 years old). Colombia
  • "I am a new woman, full of vitality and energy"

    Ingeborg (84 years old). Germany
  • "My problems to eat food disappeared completely after implanting the needles"

    Enrique (65 years old). Mexico
  • "I have felt a general improvement and specially when it comes to walking"

    Gladis (73 years old). Spain
  • "In addition to restoring my well-being, I have reduced my medication and I have regained my optimism"

    Manuel (60 years old). Spain
  • "The implants have made me feel good about myself, improving my facial expression and being able to reduce the medication little by little"

    Irene (77 years old). Germany
  • "Four days after implanting the needles in my ears, I got out of bed and could move without help"

    Gisela (44 years old). Germany
  • "It was amazing how I regained mobility after the treatment"

    Anja. Germany
  • "I am excited about my new life, which I have recovered again"

    Karola. Germany

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