Dr. Ulrich Werth

dr ulrich werth

Graduated in neurology and psychiatry in Germany, Dr. Ulrich Werth is the discoverer of the utilization of the “permanent needle” (also known as the “Werth needle”) used in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

In a casual way, acting as an acupuncturist, he discovered more than a decade ago that the peripheral cerebral stimulation caused by the permanently acupuncture, applied in the auricle achieved a continuous stimulus capable of improving the symptoms of various pathologies.

In the treated diseases, the neuro-degenerative have occupied a prominent place in the path of the researcher who founded the Neuro-regenerative Medicine Center to specialize in this type of implant acupuncture. The first steps were focused on Parkinson’s but soon other disorders as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Restless Legs Syndrome and others joined in their research.

The importance of the great discovery of the scientist Ulrich Werth lies in the possibility of stopping the progression and even improving the symptoms of these diseases for which, unfortunately, there is no cure to date.

Recently, the Center founded by Werth has promoted a clinical trial that has shed light on the adequacy of the treatment of Parkinson’s disease with permanent needle and the scientist is focused on research to improve the effect of his therapy in this and other diseases.