Neuropsychology Assessments

It is a branch of psychology that uses the contributions of neurology and psychology. Neuropsychology studies evaluation, expertise, diagnosis and treatment in people suffering from damage or a brain disorder.

Its main field of study is the brain-behavior relationship with the objective of treating:

  1.     Cognitive alterations (for example: problems of memory, attention, calculation …)
  2.     Emotional disorders (depression, aggression, anxiety, apathy …)
  3.     Functional changes (readjustment to your family environment, to your work …) consistent with brain damage

Within the neuropsychological intervention, we usually work with:

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a health profession that is responsible for the prevention, detection, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of communicative disorders, that is, carrying out specific treatments to rehabilitate language, speech, voice, hearing and speech. swallowing both isolated problems and associated with any type of pathology that generates i

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Within this support therapy, our goals are the following

Teach strategies to optimise speech intelligibility.

Ensure effective communication throughout the illness.

Assess the efficiency and safety of the patient when swallowing to minimising the risk of aspiration.

  Education for health:

– Reeducation of a new swallowing pattern

  • Teach the patient the symptoms that may appear during the illness. Providing measures of vocal hygiene and detect alterations at the vocal level (hypophonic voice).

Family strategies

Working with the family will help them understand the illness and offer therapeutical alternatives to do with the patient.

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