Older adults and quarantine

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In these times when quarantine affects us all, we must take special care of our older adults. For them many activities that appeal to them or cause them well-being are away from home. We should look for activities that provide a way to spend time productively and creatively.

How can we fight the social isolation that we live these days?

We are in a digital world where we must use and take advantage of all the techniques at our disposal to provide moments of happiness.
Here are some tips to help our older adults:
  1. Keep good contact with them via telephone, messaging (whatsapp) or other digital means. This is a good time to use all these tools and teach them how to use them not only with us but with loved ones and family.
  2. Offer them a routine. It is important to change their daily routine for another. We need to call them at the same time same days, shopping on the same days and time. Offer them the food they are used to as much as possible. Consistency will help them with the stress these days.
  3. Provide new challenges and activities. If in our day to day we have new challenges and activities it helps us spend the time in a more relaxed way and the confinement becomes a little less tedious. Find books or audiobooks to help you overcome monotony. The use of books, audiobooks and movies help people to relax and gives us conversation topics with them.
  4. Exercise and home sporting. There are sport tools that will help us exercise at home. Home weights, resistance leagues, and things we have at home to help us exercise. On our website you will find series of exercises and activities that you can do at home.
We know that it depends on each patient, their personal situation and limitations, these recommendations may or may not be possible in every case. However, the most important thing is not to give up and help them get through these moments.
In Neuro-Regenerative Medicine Center we are in contact with patients and families who need help. During these times, the recommendations of health professionals will help us improve our quality of life.
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