Parkinson Patient. Enrique F. 
80 years old, Argentina

 In Parkinson testimony

Enrique’s recovery after receiving permanent ear acupuncture is an incredible success story which shows how effective the natural, alternative treatment is.

In an every day situation Enrique noticed that his hand was trembling.

When he also noticed he had an unsteady gate and that he was unable to controle his movements, he realized that something was changing, that something was wrong with him.

In the end Enrique was diagnosed as suffering from Parkinson’s disease. As in the majority of cases treated with conventional medicine, his medical prescribed him Levodopa.

Nevertheless the Argentinean did not stop searching for alternatives and natural treatments to recover and improve his state of health and this was not the only thing he was trying; he also used to do sport, he had a healthy life style and as he was recommended to do so by a good friend he also started to eat leafs of ginkgo biloba.

A shock – the inflection point of his life

Enrique always was convinced of the fact that the trigger of the disease was the personal, difficult situation he had to handle with only some weeks before he noticed the first symptoms of the disease.

Enrique wasted too much energy trying to solve his problems and anyhow he did not loose hope, his positivity and joy of life.

There was a new obstacle in his life he had to surmount and Enrique knew that he would be able to do so.

His wife was a great support to him in that situation. She was the one who convinced him to try out the alternative therapy based on permanent acupuncture. Enrique wanted to get back on his feet! Only some days later they decided to travel to Chile where the team of acupuncture experts of the Center for Neuroregenerative Medicine was already waiting for them.

The improvement of its state of health was unbelievable! 
Most of the patients who receive the “Forever Needles” tell us that their bodies need some month until the needles take effect – Enrique’s improvement after the implantation of the “ Forever Needles “ was immediately and his symptoms alleviated a lot.

The moment he realized how far he had already come with the alternative therapy was doing one of his balance exercises during his physiotherapy – his physiotherapist was impressed. Enrique was able to do his gymnastic exercises with so much more precision!

But not only his physiotherapist was impressed…his neurologist who did not know anything about the alternative therapy was truly amazed. Even though he did not believe in the efficiency of alternative therapies.

Thanks to the treatment his symptoms disappeared and his quality of life could be recovered in a way that even surprised Enrique himself.

Nowadays he is 80 years old and decided to share his experiences with other Parkinson’s patients.

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