Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s can be defeated

 In Treatment with permanent acupuncture

«Permanent needle» is an innovative treatment method of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Today, Parkinson’s is one of the fastest growing neurological disorders.

According to experts, there are now about 6.9 million Parkinson’s patients worldwide and, by 2040, the number will grow to 14.2 million as the world population ages.

Despite the incredible number of Parkinson’s victims, the level of scientific research, dedicated to the fight against this disease, is rather low.

What is Parkinson’s disease? This is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that affects motor coordination.

Early signs of the disease may go unnoticed and disorder progresses slowly, destroying brain cells that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine (biologically active substance that transmits electrochemical impulses between neurons, nerve cells).

German neurologist Ulrich Werth in 2001 introduced a unique method of Parkinson’s disease treatment, which is based on auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture).

Medical experts know over 330 ear acupoints, some of them were discovered by Dr. Werth. He has discovered that stimulation of certain acupoints can affect the black substance of the brain (substantia nigra).

This process facilitates the treatment of different diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease etc.

In the process of treatment small titanium needles (“permanent needles”) are implanted under the skin of the ear which is connected with the brain through nerve endings.

After much research, Dr. Werth has concluded that implants stimulate the brain to produce dopamine, it helps to improve symptoms of various neurological diseases.

A new method has aroused interest in scientific and medical community. Scientific articles about this method were published in such authoritative editions as the Discovery DSalud (Spain) and Gesundheitsmagazin (Germany).

What is «permanent needle»?

This is the implant made of pure medical titanium with a smooth surface (<10 μm roughness) with maximum biocompatibility, which is no more than 2 mm long.

Cone-shaped tip of the needle is inserted into the plastic injector, which facilitates its implantation. The plastic injector consists of a polyethylene part that guides the needle and a piston, made of medical grade steel. The injector allows to implant the needle easily and precisely.

Implantation process is virtually painless, it feels like intramuscular injection. Wound healing process takes 2-3 days.

Positive effect after implantation may not occur immediately, but after some time, it depends on the the nature and extent of the disease (according to researches nerve cells regenerate within 2-5 months).

However, in most cases patient’s condition improved immediately after the treatment.

What does the process of treatment look like?

Therapy session begins with detailed examination of the disease history.

Patient is thoroughly interviewed and doctor develops an individual therapeutic plan, calculating the number of implants necessary to achieve the optimal result.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and requires no hospitalization. The doctor injects minimum amount of anesthetic and performs implantation.

The needles are inserted under the skin through a double sterile package with the help of a special apparatus, disinfection eliminates the threat of infection.

Significant improvement in the patient’s condition can be observed immediately after the procedure. In case of Parkinson’s disease, recovery depends on amount of dopamine in cells.

As a rule, a stable result can be obtained in a few months.

Who is the author of the method?

Ulrich Werth was born in 1948, and brought up in Magdeburg, Germany. He studied medicine and in 1975 became Ph.D. candidate as a specialist in mechanisms of short-term memory.

How was permanent needle invented?

After studying acupuncture in China, Dr. Werth returned home and started a private practice treating patients with chronic pain syndrome using acupuncture.

During acupuncture procedure patients felt considerable relief and asked doctor to re-implant needle to the same acupoint.

This gave him an idea of creating a permanent needle, which could be in the ear constantly, creating a long-term effect of acupuncture.

After much research, permanent needle method was developed. It successfully treats and helps to slow down many diseases, such as asthma, migraine, restless leg syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease and other diseases.

What are the results of the therapy?

In March 2018, 80-year-old patient with Parkinson’s disease received treatment with titanium needles. Immediately after the treatment his facial expressions ceased to be like a wax mask, movements lost stiffness and his shaky hand became steady.

Next day, he was able to move without assistance, and his speech became effortless and smooth. Dr.Werth explains this immediate effect by the distribution of dopamine that remains in the neurons of the substantia nigra which was achieved using permanent needle.

In February 2018, a man in a wheelchair accompanied by his wife arrived in Valencia, where Dr. Werth was working.

This patient was under threat of going to a nursing home, as his family can’t provide him with necessary care.

Immediately after the implantation, this man got up from the wheelchair for the first time in a few months.

Patients who received therapy at Doctor Werth Medical Center leave testimonials:

Jose Anibal, 65 years old (Spain) : «In 2007, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Earlier I had already resorted to acupuncture for the treatment of some diseases, so I decided to try Dr. Werth therapy without fear. in 2009, I underwent the therapy and my condition began to improve almost immediately.

The constant fatigue and unpleasant dryness in my mouth I had previously suffered from disappeared. I’m able to play the saxophone again and engage in creativity. And most importantly: I can tell stories again! I have even created a blog to share my experience with other patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It is very important to exchange experiences. It can help other people.”

Maria Guadalupe, 69 years old (Mexico):  «In 2006, I was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease and in 2010, I learned about Dr. Werth therapy. Thanks to the permanent needles, I regained my former activity, lost because of my disease.

I no longer need care, help, or supervision. I especially appreciate the opportunity to travel again.»

Does this method help to treat Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is much easier to treat than Parkinson’s disease, and the overall effect is achieved much faster.

Experience shows, that some patients with Alzheimer’s disease seldom got 5 points score in dementia test. The next day after the treatment, some of them got 20 points score.

This effect can be related to the fact that the hippocampus (a major component of the brain which is responsible for short-term memory, and is in constant interaction with neural networks) is the most » flexible» part of the human brain and significantly faster responds to therapy.

Is concomitant therapy provided?

Dr Werth has formed an interdisciplinary team. So, the physiotherapist explains patients how some easy daily exercises help to use newborn neurons and synapses.

This is necessary to help patients get back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Experience shows, that the majority of patients with Parkinson’s disease in the past had experienced psychological trauma. So his advise is to have psychotherapy treatment or to go to SOL-hypnosis sessions to resolve emotional issues that caused the disease.

Being aware of the need for his method for many patients, in recent years Dr. Werth and his team have done a great job to make this method popular. However, this initiative has met fierce resistance from the pharmaceutical industry because pharmacists do not want to lose their super-profits. This once again underscores the effectiveness of the new medical direction.

Medical Center of Dr. Werth has an extensive network of clinics, so anybody can have medical examination and further treatment, Ukrainians as well.

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