Parkinson’s Patient Testimonio: Yolanda (69 years). Colombia

 In Parkinson testimony

«I came to think about taking my life”

A year and four months ago I treated myself and in the first two months I noticed a profound change in my interior. Before, he spent his nights in sleep; Half an hour after I went to bed I would get up and start doing anything. My daughters worried and asked me what I was doing awake, why I was not sleeping. «I’m not sleepy», I answered them and, shortly, I vomited.

I dragged my feet, I walked stooped, I needed help for almost everything … I looked like an old lady.

But, in addition, I had a lot of medication -6 or 7 pills a day- and patches on my arm and legs that caused me different reactions … This caused me a lot of anxiety. It was terrible and I thought about taking my life.

This is how I arrived in Spain. And from then on, everything began to change.

My neurologist did not give credit and could not do anything but congratulate me for my remarkable improvement. The patches were suspended and I was able to reduce the medication considerably.

The person I am now is a completely new person thanks to the Neuro-regenerative Medicine Center.

I walk alone, I can work … My daughters can already make their lives and attend to their commitments.

I work in a kindergarten with more than a hundred children of different ages and I can hold the babies in my arms without trembling again, with my firm legs and my straight body.

But in addition to physical recovery, my mind is much better.

I am 69 years old and I look forward to it and to live – with the help of god – many years.

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