Parkinson’s Patient Testimony: José Anibal (65 years) Spain

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«Parkinson’s had robbed me of the ability to fabulate”

In 2007, I was diagnosed with the disease and, just as I had used acupuncture to treat my low back pain. I decided to go for this natural therapy. It was traditional acupuncture so, when the stimulus was removed, the improvement ceased and the symptoms reappeared.

Through the internet I learned about the permanent needle therapy in which the stimulus is for life and I decided to try it.

It was in 2009 and the improvement was instantaneous: when I left the clinic and went down the stairs I walked with a firm step, until my voice had changed. In fact, I called my wife and she was surprised at the strength that my voice transmitted.

Also, the continued weariness that had been dragging had disappeared and also the annoying dryness of the mouth.

I was able to resume activities that I had to abandon, such as playing the saxophone or hobbies such as DIY.

I love writing and had also lost the ability to fabulate so, thanks to permanent acupuncture, I could also rewrite. I even created a blog to share my experience with others affected by Parkinson’s because I believe that the exchange of experiences is fundamental.

I am very satisfied and I have recommended the treatment to many people for whom it has always been positive.

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