Parkinson’s Patient Treatment: Anja. Germany.

 In Parkinson testimony

“It was incredible how I regained my mobility after the treatment.”

I have been suffering from the disease for over twenty years, but it was a long time until I had been diagnosed. A time in which I saw many of my faculties depleted with the consequence of discouragement.

Finally my neurologist certified that it was this disease and began to medicate me. But the relief was minimal and the despair and skepticism grew day by day.

The visit to the Werth center changed everything completely. As we did not resign, we went on looking for treatments and it was my husband who found this option on the internet and did not hesitate to ask for consultation.

We made many questions because we wanted to be fully convinced that peripheral brain stimulation with a permanent needle could help me and we ended up opting for this treatment.

It was incredible how I regained my mobility after the treatment. At the beginning, the improvement was not constantly, but little by little it went on rising so that it allowed me to reduce the medication.

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