Parkinson’s Patient Treatment: Ernesto (82 years). Colombia

 In Parkinson testimony

“ I am feeling much better than I before.”

My experience with the auriculopuncture has been very satisfactory because I started the therapy in very difficult conditions: I had trouble doing any fine motor task like eating, writing or signing … I could not do something as simple as walking.

Upon knowing the treatment of the «Permanent Needle» and filling out the previous questionnaire I was truly aware of the amount of symptoms that had manifested. I spoke in a very low voice and running so that the people around me barely understood me.

Looking for alternatives, given that I had tried different treatments from neurologists and they were mainly based on medication, we found that treatment thanks to which I recovered the mobility and control of my hands and legs. I can peel an apple, walk without help …

The improvement came shortly after placing the implants and also improved the speech but, above all, I noticed the relief of my headache and waist which had been very annoying.

Without a doubt, I would recommend this therapy to everyone because it changes one’s life.

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