Parkinson’s Patient Treatment: Gisela (44). Germany

 In Parkinson testimony

“Four days after implanting the needles in my ears, I could get out of bed and move without help.”

I was totally discouraged when my partner told me about the «Permanent Needle» therapy he had discovered on the Internet.

The medication that I had been prescribed for the severe chronic back pain I suffered had left me without strength, without energy and, worst of all, without illusion.

Parkinson joined in 2009 the other two evils that suffered: the very strong back pain due to several breaks in the intervertebral discs and the severe crises caused by my epilepsy.

A couple of years ago I visited for the first time the Neuro-regenerative Medicine Center and I take stock of how the permanent acupuncture discovered by the german scientist, who directs the center, has restored my well-being and illusion:

When I started treatment, I could barely pronounce two sentences in a row and needed a wheelchair to get around. Four days after the  implantation of the needles in my ears, I could get out of bed and could move without help.

My vocalization, my memory, my concentration and my energy were restored at great speed and I have not even had epileptic attacks since then.

In addition, I have been able to stop taking the treatment for Parkinson’s and morphine that I was given for my back pains as these pains have been reduced thanks to the reinforcement in the musculature that has led to acupuncture.

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