Parkinson’s patient treatment: Gladis (73 years old). Spain

 In Parkinson testimony

«I have felt a general improvement and, above all, a great advance  walking”

I’m a born fighter. I have been a war correspondent and, throughout my life, I have had to face great professional and personal challenges.

Today I take on a new challenge, Parkinson’s disease, and the permanent needle has filled me with hope.

Two years ago, alerted by strong dizziness and vertigo, I went to the doctor. He gave me a treatment that did not cause the discomfort to subside. My restless character and my great initiative led me to investigate on my own and it did not take me long to «self-diagnose» that I suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

The specialists I went to did not finish certifying that the ailments came from this disease and, worst of all, they prescribed me very strong medicines that increased my discomfort. This situation was aggravated by an accident in which I split a vertebra and that disabled me to walk or eat autonomously.

In spite of everything, I did not fall down and faced the illness and the consequences of the accident as a new challenge. Through a clip that a friend showed me, I learned of the permanent needle discovered by the german scientist  and went to the Center for Neuro-regenerative Medicine.

I am currently in treatment. Me and the doctors who treated me so far are expectant, and to tell the truth, the first positive results took long to wait for: after the implantation of the needles, I felt a general improvement and, above all, a breakthrough at the time of walking. I still need support but my body is much more upright.

The general well-being has even led me to reject the increase in medication that corresponded to me and I have even decided to suppress one of the shots.

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