Parkinson’s Patient Testimony: Treatment with the “permanent Needles

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Hello, good morning!

In August 2019 I received the treatment with the “permanent Needles” in the Center for neuroregenerative Medicine in Valencia.

In 2010 I have been diagnosed MS. During the last years I have tried a lot of therapies and treatments and there was nothing that could help me alleviate my symptoms.
Three years ago I saw an interview with Dr. Werth talking about his therapy with the “permanent Needles” and was impressed by what I saw. I searched for more information and at short notice I decided to arrange an appointment to receive the treatment.

The Center was very clean and the service team was very empathic and engaged. When all my questions had been cleared up, Dr. Barrios started to implant the needles.
During the implantation I did not feel any pain and the whole process took only 40 minutes.

Two days later the medical doctor checked my ears and explained me that everything was fine and that I even could travel home to Germany. I also received nutritional advices by the service team and they informed me about habits I could change in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

As I received the treatment only eleven days ago it is of course still too early to say if the needle’s stimulation works in my case or not, but what I’m already feeling is that I have more energy and I can get easier to sleep and sleep through the whole night.
The last years before receiving the treatment with the “permanent Needles” that was something unimaginable to me!
I had a very light stage of sleep, woke up every night and just could not fall back asleep. Now I feel more energetic, awake and not that exhausted anymore.

Anyhow I will contact you in some months again in order to inform you about my state of health and hopefully soon about more new improvements.

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