dr meis

Dr. Meis Al-Kassir Al-Karany

  • Bachelor of Medicine, University of Extremadura, Spain
  • Member of the Official College of Physicians in Valencia, Spain
  • Specialist in permanent Auriculotherapy in Degenerative Diseases
  • Diploma of the Spanish National and International Association of Symptomatic Acupuncture Applied to Migraine and Migraine Problems
  • Training in prevention of specific risks Taught by Quiron Prevencion
  • Languages: Spanish, Arabic, English

Dr. Teresa Bastidas

  • Medical Specialist in Emergencies and Disasters with more than 30 years of experience
  • Acupuncture and Auriculopuncture Specialist with more than 25 years of experience
  • She studied his career at the Volgograd State Medical University (Russia)
  • Medical representative in Latin America of the Center for Neuro-Regenerative Medicine

Alfredo Muñoz Gaona – Neuropsychology

  • Degree in Psychology
  • Master in Health Psychology, Psychopathology and Neuropsychology
  • Master in Legal Psychology and Forensic Psychological Perception by the University of Valencia
  • Members: 10750 Official School of Psychologists of Valencia

Viktoriya Stepanenko – Administration

  • Studies in Mathematics and Business Administration

Amaia Weinmann – Administration and secretariat

  • Studies in logistics and customer service
  • Contact with patients
  • Travel management for patients

Daniela Schulz – Administration and secretariat

  • First contact with patients
  • Translation
  • Psychosocial Counselor