Testimonies patient Anti aging and chronic pain. Ingeborg (91 years). Germany

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Doctors unfortunately do not tend to diagnose anymore, they only look at the date of birth on the health card. Some already do not move, others have a tendency to get up even to examine you. «You can not do much more» … is the age.

She also had severe pains, such as we usually have women, up, down, front and knees.

I had heard about the therapy through radio and since I came from the field of medicine, the principle of therapy convinced me. «There you can do something, I want to try it.» This was about 15 years ago, when I tried permanent needle therapy.

I had not informed anyone about it, that I was going to try such therapy, it was a spontaneous decision.

The feeling after the therapy was incredible. Suddenly I was without pain, it is not possible to express it with words, it was like a blow, I could move again and walk as fast as I wanted.

After the therapy I was able to go back to doing everything I wanted, swimming, cycling.

Right now, as a precaution, I do not ride a bicycle, so nothing happens to me, but this time I was able to participate in everything. Simply everything, swimming, cycling, walking, …

I can only recomend this therapy to everyone.

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