Testimony of Alzheimer’s Patient: Peter Kaess (75 years). Switzerland

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Below we show you the testimony of Alzheimer’s therapy with a patient.

Before Alzheimer’s Treatment

The result did not surprise me since the symptoms in this regard were increased during the last years. For me and my wife – that was then 72 years old – it was a little shock because having it written by a doctor is something different than small suspicions of our environment.

“After an MRI, carried out in 2014 in Switzerland, I was confirmed by my family doctor suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. “

But life went on and we did not want to give up our dream of ending up in the country of our dreams – Mexico. My purpose of working in Mexico in a home for disadvantaged children, I had to leave quickly. In the first two years in my chosen home my rapid mental and physical state worsened. For me it was not so bad – Alzheimer’s does not hurt – but for my wife it was torture. I became a moody, disinterested, not useful and caught in myself person.

That I was feeling disadvantaged was especially noticeable in my Spanish and cooking, which were getting worse day by day. My vocabulary was reduced to «good morning» and «good night» and as a kitchen enthusiast I increasingly forgot the ingredients of the meals.

How I learned about the therapy for Alzheimer’s

But the day came when everything was going to change. We saw a report on YouTube – Quer-denken.tv in which Dr. Med was in an interview with Michael Vogt, talking about his discovery of the permanent needle and his really positive results treating Alzheimer’s disease. What we saw and heard almost came close to magic.

On the one hand, he doubted the results they reported about but on the other hand he had nothing to lose. My wife told me she was going to make an appointment, took a flight and we went to Valencia to the Neuroregenerative Medicine Center of Dr. to get the permanent needle treatment against Alzheimer’s.

«And the results were sensational! My wife and I could not believe it. Imagine, the night after the intervention, I was a new person.

I knew exactly who I was and where I was. I really noticed a before and after. In the «before» when they asked me about the date, day, month or year and my only answer was a shrug or an insecure smile. In the «now» I am present again and integrated into the now.

I have a general vision, I see myself and the situation. I know what I do, I decide independently and I articulate. I can concentrate again, which was previously an impossible thing and therefore I can also read books again. “

Today, two months later in Mexico – retrospectively with some distance to the treatment, we are grateful to have made that trip to Valencia. We thank the doctor infinitely. Listing all the positive changes in detail would break the frame. Hopes, predictions and promises have been fulfilled. Of course, since it is so beautiful, «Good things take time» and that is why we are happy with the progress made so far and we are waiting for what is coming.


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