The permanent needle – Report of a treatment against Alzheimer’s disease-Dementia

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My father, Denis Gyalistras, 84, started developing Alzheimer’s disease about nine years ago. Despite the usual medication in the form of patches, it has reached the stage in a serious way. Physically he is perfectly as well as his sensory part. Mentally, he is absent, his long-term memory has also failed him in the last year.

Short-term memory is no longer available. Mentally, he does everything, but even if he makes an effort, he no longer has the opportunity to express himself verbally, because he lacks the words. He is fully aware of this and the helplessness he feels, deeply depresses him.

My father was implanted with several permanent needles in both ears. When she came out about 20 minutes from the treatment room, I was a little confused because my father’s eyes had changed. His look was more alive, more penetrating.

This observation has been confirmed during the day of the treatment and the following day. In the Alzheimer’s test, which he did 24 hours after treatment, the score increased from just under six points to ten points. He was able to draw a clock with a pointer.

My mother and I have observed him in detail. Every hour there was a new development. In summary, the following changes can be described:


We are pleased to note that the vacuum that causes Alzheimer’s disease in Dad’s brain recedes. His cognitive and motor skills and your sense of direction come back gradually. Again you can reflect, communicate with your environment and communicate your needs. Progress can be seen daily.

Perception and orientation:

My father began to take an interested in his environment only hours after the treatment. From the third and fourth day he was no longer disoriented after waking up, but now he can express, for example, that he wants to get up to go to the bathroom.

Emotional expression:

My father gives the impression that the awakening of perception also gives him back his ability to express will and desires. The second day he told us that he did not want to walk on the beach because he did not want his sand shoes to be filled. Express needs, such as drinking or sleeping. Today I tell my mother that I was bored. She gave him work in the kitchen and did everything right.


After the treatment taking a walk in the old town of Valencia, he looked at a tall building and, on his own initiative, uttered in a complete and correct sentence that he thought was beautiful. The pronunciation was clear and the voice firm. After two days, he speaks for himself in complete and well-formed sentences.

My mother asked him something in French on the street and he replied in French. Switching from German to Greek and vice versa works without problems.


We let my father calculate. He counted from 1 to 50 without problem. The addition with low numbers he realized without any problem. Then also with higher numbers. The subtraction was not immediately available. But I could do it again soon.

In less than seven days, I noticed that the first acquired and last forgotten skills come back first. The low numbers can be recovered first because they were first acquired, the addition is present before subtracting, and last but not least (hopefully!) the division will be possible again.

In summary, I am realizing that my father has made much progress in the week since treatment. Every day he surprises us with new behaviors, a new new achievement that we had thought he would have definitely lost.

Munich, the 01/03/2018

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